Sunday, January 16, 2011


Pamela Farrell "Maybelline" 2010 36x48 oil & alkyd on canvas
Artist and blogger Pamela Farrell has created a "pink" show on her blog
I have admired Pam's work for a long time and enjoy reading her blog. She was kind enough to feature two of my paintings. Please check it out...many great artists featured. Check out more of Pam's work at Happy Sunday looking and reading!


  1. Nice work Elizabeth
    the pinks really strong

  2. Pam's pink show is a hit! Wouldn't it look fantastic on gallery walls? I think so! I'm honored to be included. And your pink paintings look great, Elizabeth- very lush. Who knew that pink could be so cerebral, so versatile?

  3. David-thank you so much! I added you to my blogroll. Very nice work!

    Stephanie-You piece is so lush and saturated-really like it. I am also very honored to be included. Isn't great to have supportive artists who are in your same genre!
    Keep in touch!


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