Sunday, August 7, 2011


Indy in the studio being my assistant

 Today is a tribute to my sweet loyal Indy. We had to say goodbye yesterday. He was such a special dog-there just won't be another Indy. I don't have children so he is as close as it gets for me.
Indy had been with me for 15.5 yrs. The time from my college years to yesterday. He was my companion for all of my early adulthood. I really can't imagine my life without him.
He lived in Brooklyn with me in a wild loft I rented with 6 other artists. He traveled with me back and forth to Ohio and then settling in Georgia.
Indy Pup in Brooklyn

We are so young here in Brooklyn

He has been my best friend and companion through everything. If you know me-you know how dear to my heart he is. He loved sitting with me in my studio while I painted. He didn't ever want me to be alone. It's amazing how human he was and knew me so well. I know how lucky I am that I had him by my side for so long.
Indy at the family farm, happy as a clam

Thank you Indy for being my studio mate, best friend, protector, and companion.


  1. Very sorry to hear about Indy. It is unbearably sad and I can only hope you feel better as soon as you can.

  2. Thank you Paul. I appreciate the kind words.

  3. This is really very sad Elizabeth.
    I feel with you and wish you all the best!

  4. I am very sorry to hear this what a fine friend Indy must have been .. well just look , you can see it !

  5. He was very human like. He was a good dog and he loved you. He knew you loved him too. He will always be your first baby. Lisa


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