Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gone West

I took a trip out west to LA and a little vacation in San Diego with a girlfriend to check out galleries and see what's happening. I was happy to be there when a lot of openings were going on. It was nice to check it all out and get a feeling of the scene there. LA has so much going on that I could have stayed much longer to investigate. I have felt my color sense would be a great fit there. I am hoping that I have made some good contacts and see where it may go. I love the fact that the weather is so amazing, it can only help people get out and go gallery gazing. I was very impressed with the turn out for so many shows. I was also happy to have such a good friendly experience. The west coast is laid back and happier I guess. Below are a few shots I took at some galleries before the openings started. The first one is at William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica at Bergamot Station. It is work by Eric Johnson. Bergamot houses a complex of galleries. This was a great many galleries at one place and easy to get to and from. There were many galleries in here I enjoyed.


  1. San Diego Rules!!!! Hope all is well.

  2. We stayed in Ocean Beach and it was really laid back and beautiful. I am jealous of how amazing the weather is and just the incredible beauty of the coast!

  3. How's the surfing? You must be in heaven:)


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