Thursday, February 17, 2011

Structures & Paint

I have been busy in the studio working on some works on paper. I am thinking about taking some pieces and mounting them on panels. I love the textures I can achieve and the feeling of painting on paper, I always have. I have rolls of large works I did years ago that I found cleaning the studio. I have always had a "thing" for paper. It's just a structure I always go back to. I have also returned recently to working on canvas. I have been working on panels for the past few years almost exclusively. Going back to canvas is interesting. It has a give that the panels do not. I am enjoying it. I will have to see where all the different structures lead me this year. Below are all new works on three different structures....

E Sheppell "Flight" 2011

E Sheppell "Feels Like A Waterfall" 2011
E Sheppell "Soul" 2011


  1. hi Elizabeth,
    Love the first one Flight, really enjoy working on paper and do all my studies on that format ,
    Keep on enjoying your work.

  2. Thanks David! Thanks for reading:)


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