Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stop and Go

 It's funny how some paintings take months or years to complete and then some come so quickly. Here are a few new works. They are pieces I started over a year ago with  many layers and never finished. I put them away and recently finished them in a fury. Sometimes it takes a new energy and break to release them.
E Sheppell 2011 "Karma" 24x 36 acrylic on panel

E Sheppell 2011 "Between You and Me" 36x24 acrylic on panel

E Shepell 2011 "I Found Cowboy Alone" 36x24 acrylic on panel


  1. Hi Elizabeth
    Real strong emotional work I really love it
    great composition, color , markings
    excellent post ,

    Q , What the size?

  2. Hi David,
    Thanks so much! I thought I had added the sizes before...they are 36"x24".
    I am wondering if I could feature you in my "Sunday Selection" sometime?


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