Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Selection-Rose Olson

Rose Olson Installation View at Kingston Gallery May 2006
Rose Olson Installation View at Kingston Gallery May 2006

 I have admired Rose Olson's work for a few years. I saw her work in Atlanta at Marcia Wood Gallery in 2007 "Luxe, Calme et Volupte"  which was curated by Joanne Mattera . I love the subtle use of color in conjunction with the wood panel coming through. The contract of the works that punch with vivid color is stunning. There is a serene soft glow that is special. Click here to see a slide show of works from the Kingston Gallery show "The Viewers Eye". Please visit to view more.
Hope your Sunday and long weekend is fabulous~

Rose Olson Installation View at Marcia Wood Gallery 2007 photo credit: Joanne Mattera   

Rose Olson "Crossing the Border into B" 12"x 8.5"acrylic on paper 2005   

Rose Olson "Double Orange" 41"x 26" acrylic on paper 2005

Rose Olson "Balancing Act" 9.5" x 7 " acrylic on paper 2004

Rose Olson "Transparent Cirrus 3" 18" x18" x 3" acrylic on wood 2003

Rose Olson "Open" 42" x  42" acrylic on wood 2005

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  1. what wonderful paintings! it's especially notable that rose allows the beautiful wood (birch?) grain to show through, becoming part of the work itself.


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