Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fatter and Fatter

E Sheppell The Fat Series No.5  2011 mixed media on panel
 Here is another piece from the "FAT" series. This one is a bit more minimal. I am excited to start some larger ones this week. I have started prepping the panels and I am  ready to get going! It will be interesting to see how the larger pieces will develop...


  1. Love your Fat Series (just had a look on the website). So delicious and luscious and intense. And wild and messy. They remind me of bouillabaisse . And sex, obviously.

  2. Your FAT series is fascinating- so tactile!

  3. Nellig-Thank you for the most interesting comment about my work. I am pleased you have such a reaction. Best, E

    Stephanie-I am really enjoying creating these. I have let loose and it feels great;)I hope you are having fun with the encaustics and you are enjoying TX!


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