Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Selection-Terri Dilling

Terri Dilling "WARM LITTLE POND 1"
screenprint and mixed media on panel, 22" x 22"

Terri Dilling
screenprint and mixed media on panel, 36" x 48"

mixed media on canvas, 12" x 12"

Terru Dilling "BURGEONING 11"
mixed media on paper, 40"x30"

Terri Dilling "DARK PENDANT 2"
screenprint and mixed media on panel, 29.5" x 22"

 Terri Dilling uses painting and printmaking techniques that achieve such rich beautiful surfaces and hues.  From Terri's website she explains that her work is a mix of mico and makro viewpoints. She is inspired by scientific investigations of the patterns and structures of nature.  Such as the formulation of plants and flowers.  Terri has a show "Assembly" up now at Portal Gallery that runs through Oct. 30th. It is a result of a seven month position as a visiting artist at the NSF/NASA Center for Chemical Evolution at Georgia Tech. Click here to see some installation shots of the show. Please read the Q & A with art critic Jerry Cullum on ArtsCriticATL. Go check it out!

Terri Dilling "Visual Chemistry"

Show runs until Oct 30th

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