Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Selection-David Weir

David Weir's Studio
David Weir has some strong work. He creates a lot of depth and textures. The intense darkness is beautiful and stirring. There is a real richness and mystery to the work.
Please check out David's blog
He is very prolific and  posts his works on his blog on a regular basis. Enjoy!

David Weir 2011 ink on canvas 120 x 140

David Weir Black  White & Silver 2011 ink and acrylic 120 x 180

David Weir Untitled 2011 ink on canvas 150 x 130
David Weir Untitled 2011 60 x 60 oil on canvas
David Weir Untitled 2011 ink on canvas 90 x 90


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    Thank you for including me on your Sunday selection.
    Kind Regards David

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    the paintings have a deep aura even though they are so minimalistic!I love the work and painting of david!
    Best regards, Ralf

  3. i absolutely love david's work. it's so intriguing what he does with ink!

  4. I'm a fan of David's powerful style. Nice post, thanks.

  5. Love this work - the ink medium imparts a very Asian feel to these paintings. Thanks for the introduction to David's work.

  6. David-your work is inspiring especially on such a large scale. Thanks for being apart of my Sunday Selection!

    Ralf -They do have a beautiful aura about them-well put! thanks so much for reading.

    Stephanie- the ink is so lush. I look forward in seeing some of your new work too!

    Debu-thanks for reading;)

    Diane- I am a fan of your work. Thanks for visiting!


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