Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Selection-Steven Alexander

I have admired Steven Alexander's paintings for a long time. I am of course drawn to the luminous-mesmerizing color use and the lush tactile quality of the surfaces. Steven writes an informative art journal He covers shows in NYC and his happenings in the studio.
Enjoy this Sunday and see more of Steven's bold work at

Steven Alexander Installation View

Steven Alexander "Is And Was" 2011 24x20 acrylic on linen

Steven Alexander "Brooks Run To The Ocean" 2009 48x36 acrylic on canvas

Steven Alexander "Chromatin" 2009 26x20 acrylic on linen

Steven Alexander Studio View
Steven Alexander Studio View


  1. Thanks for posting- I really liked Steve's last show @ Heidi Cho.

  2. Another excellent Sunday choice. I'm also an admirer of Steven's work. I love that first image; the paintings glow!


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