Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Selection-Diane McGregor

Diane McGrgor Installation View at Smink in Dallas "The Mediative Surface"
 When I think of the time I have spent in the Southwest I think of vast horizons, openness, and peace. This Sunday Selection features New Mexico artist Diane McGregor. There is a real meditative minimalist approach to the work that I really love. Diane uses the color white in a soft luminous way. Diane writes about her approach and work on her blog See more of Diane's work  here.
Another Dreamy Sunday~
Diane McGregor "Marava" 48x48 oil on canvas
Diane McGregor "Escalante" 32x32 oil on canvas

Diane McGregor "Sutra" 48x48 oil on canvas

Diane McGregor "Rajin" 24x24 oil on canvas


  1. Thanks for posting about Diane's work. She really has an amazing style.I love the way she handles white in her paintings.

  2. Diane's work is really amazing.. love the textures.


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