Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Selection-Mary Zeran

Mary Zeran "Somehow" 2011 acrylic on panel 8x8x2
 Mary Zeran's paintings have a light, transparent, and organic feel. The fluid openness is refreshing. I feel like I am looking at microscopic organisms. They are quite interesting and I love what Mary achieves with her layering. Please visit her website to see more Also check out Mary's blog where she updates about happenings in the studio
Have a spectacular Sunday~

Mary Zeran "A Tiny Bit Of Land" 2011, acetate, acrylic,foam core, 16x20

Mary Zeran "We Must Cultivate Our Garden" 2011, acrylic on panel 24x24x2

Mary Zeran "A Lot Going On" 2011 acetate, acrylic, foam core, 16x20

Mary Zeran "Above & Beyond" 2010 acrylic on panel   21x24x2

Mary Zeran "Pedigree" 2011 acrylic on panel 18x20x2

Mary Zeran "Pincer" 2010 acrylic on panel 8x8x2


  1. Elizabeth wonderful post!
    I also love the work of Mary!
    and you've described the paintings of her very well. I agree with you.
    nice week

  2. Oh my goodness! Thank you Elizabeth. What a honor to have my work featured on your blog!

  3. Mary Zeran's paintings create a world where beauty and magic embrace.

  4. I Love Mary's work and really like this post you put together Elizabeth.
    Thank you!

  5. Mary-you are very welcome. Happy to have your beautiful work featured here!

    Thank you all for the comments, I appreciate it!


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