Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Selection-Rana Rochat

Rana Rochat L767 48x42
Rana Rochat 16x16

Rana Rochat Untitled 88 48x42
Rana Rochat RR 82 48x 42

Rana Rochat 99 40x60
Rana Rochat works in encaustics on a very large scale that is impressive. I have seen her works at Fay Gold Gallery a few years ago here in Atlanta and David Lusk Gallery in Memphis. I love the loops, drips, and shapes that give the work a playful feel. Her use of color and depth is beautiful.
Please check out many more of her paintings on her website
Have a joyful Sunday~

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  1. Gorgous work! And I couldn't agree more about the color and the loops!


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