Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Selection-Vincent Romaniello

Vincent Romaniello is a busy artist. He is a  multi-media artist (painting, video, sculpture, and installations).
I have featured some of Vincent's recent paintings. Check out all his works on his website. It is an impressive  body of work. Also check out his Archives section. There is a long history of work there as well.
Vincent also writes an informative blog that covers shows in NYC and Philly
Vincent Romaniello No. 1009 left, 1010 right, diptych, 24x24 inches each, zero VOC house paint 
on wood panel, 2010.

Vincent Romaniello Smaller pieces are 16 inch diameter, larger are 20 inches, all house paint on canvas.
From top right: Tondo No. 1001 through Tondo 1006.

Vincent Romaniello No. 1011 left, 1012 right, diptych, 24x24 inches each, zero VOC house paint 
on wood panel, 2010.

Vincent Romaniello Installation sketch/model with sculpture, painting and performance, 2010.

Stop and Go

 It's funny how some paintings take months or years to complete and then some come so quickly. Here are a few new works. They are pieces I started over a year ago with  many layers and never finished. I put them away and recently finished them in a fury. Sometimes it takes a new energy and break to release them.
E Sheppell 2011 "Karma" 24x 36 acrylic on panel

E Sheppell 2011 "Between You and Me" 36x24 acrylic on panel

E Shepell 2011 "I Found Cowboy Alone" 36x24 acrylic on panel

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Selection- Laura Fayer

Laura Fayer's use of color and line is really lovely. Laura's cohesive body work of work mixes painting and layering. Some of the materials used are rice paper and over-sized rubber stamps.  I love the mark marking she creates with her use of  these materials. They have a organic ease to them. Perfect for a dreamy Sunday.
Check out more of her series of works at
Laura Fayer "Departure Points" 2011 acrylic and rice paper on panels
34 x 29" (9 panels, each 10 x 8")

Laura Fayer "In Plain Sight"
acrylic and rice paper on paper
30 x 22"
Laura Fayer "By The River"
acrylic and rice paper on paper

Laura Fayer "State of Mind"
acrylic and rice paper on canvas
30 x 24"

Laura Fayer "Exit Strategy"
acrylic and rice paper on panel
16 x 20"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Structures & Paint

I have been busy in the studio working on some works on paper. I am thinking about taking some pieces and mounting them on panels. I love the textures I can achieve and the feeling of painting on paper, I always have. I have rolls of large works I did years ago that I found cleaning the studio. I have always had a "thing" for paper. It's just a structure I always go back to. I have also returned recently to working on canvas. I have been working on panels for the past few years almost exclusively. Going back to canvas is interesting. It has a give that the panels do not. I am enjoying it. I will have to see where all the different structures lead me this year. Below are all new works on three different structures....

E Sheppell "Flight" 2011

E Sheppell "Feels Like A Waterfall" 2011
E Sheppell "Soul" 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Selection-Connie Noyes

I really love the use of materials Connie Noyes uses. The textures and layering are really amazing. She takes everyday materials one might disregard and creates beautiful and provoking works.
Checkout her website
There are many series to explore. She has a project UrbanNoyes -a diary of work for sale on her website.

Connie Noyes

Connie Noyes
tape, enamel, resin
12 x 12 x 3 inches
Connie Noyes "All Things White"
recycled stryofoam, enamel, resin
18 in x 24 in.
Connie Noyes
It's Golden
roofing paper, enamel, asphalt
24 in. 24 in.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Selection- Stephanie Clayton

I decided to start featuring artwork I admire every Sunday. I am starting my first selection with an artist who I know through blogging and who has been a great supporter of my work. Please check out painter Stephanie Clayton. Stephanie is doing some beautiful new encaustic paintings. These have really great textures and translucent layering happening. Stephanie writes regularly on her blog I really  like her intuitive minimal painting.

Stephanie Clayton "Between Here and Before"
2010, 18 x 12 inches, encaustic on panel

Stephanie Clayton "October's Reward"
2010, 10 x 10 inches, encaustic on panel
Stephanie Clayton "Marine"
2011, 12 x 9 inches, encaustic on panel
Stephanie Clayton "Nocturne"
14 x 14 inches, encaustic on panel
Stephanie Clayton "Secret World"
2011, 14 x 11 inches, encaustic on panel