Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Selection-Tamar Zinn

Tamar Zinn "Fermata 5", 2011  10 x 10" . oil on wood panel

Tamar Zinn "Broadway 65", 2011 16 x 16" . oil on wood panel

I really love the subtle and bold use of color in Tamar Zinn's paintings. The use of sharp edges in contrast of the soft layering is quite beautiful. The transparencies throughout Tamar's work is really lovely. I am so drawn to the push and pull achieved. Please visit Tamar's website to view more of her paintings.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Tamar "Zinn Broadway 54", 2010  16 x 16"  oil on panel

Tamar Zinn "Broadway 50", 2010  16 x 16"  oil on panel

Tamar Zinn "Fermata 3"  10 x 10"  oil on wood panel

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Selection-Nancy Natale

Nancy Natale "Cinch"
Painted paper and cardboard, book pages,
metal, pigment stick, encaustic on birch
30" x 40" x 1.75"
These encaustic mixed media works of Nancy Natale are quite amazing. I wish I could see her show in Boston right now. Check out Joanne Mattera's review of her show at Arden Gallery that runs until July 30. Nancy creates such rich complex surfaces that are impressive. Please check out her lovely website where she has great close up detail shots of her pieces. Nancy also writes an informative blog  Art in the Studio.
"Nancy Natale" Red Passage
Painted paper and cardboard, book parts,
metal, rubber, tacks, pigment stick,
tacks and encaustic on three joined
24" x 60" x 1.75"
Nancy Natale "Promised Land"
Book parts, painted paper and cardboard,
recycled rubber, patinated metal, tacks
- with encaustic paint on joined birch
27"H x 42"W x 1.75"D
Nancy Natale "Blur"
Book parts, painted paper, staples,
oilstick - with encaustic paint on birch
12" x 12" x 1.75"
Nancy Natale"Red No. 1"
Painted paper and cardboard, book parts,
metal, pigment stick, encaustic on panel
10" x 8" 1.5"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Selection-Patricia Spergel

Patricia Spergel "Window Seat" 30x30 2008 oil on canvas
 Patricia Spergel's paintings have such a fluid ease to them. I love the softness and overlay of color that is achieved. The depth and openness is really beautiful.  They are on a smaller scale which I like,  but I would love to see these really large taking over a wall.  They have a fun playful quality that I am drawn to.  Please visit Patricia's website to see more of her lovely work.

Patricia Spergel "Closer II" 2010 20x20 oil on canvas

Patricia Spergel "Milkweed" 20x20 2010 oil on canvas

Patricia Spergel "Right Through" 20x20 2010 oil on canvas 

Patricia Spergel "Untitled 12" 2010 20x20 oil on canvas

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Selection-Gary Petersen

Gary Petersen "Slip"
acrylic & colored pencil on panel
20" x 16"
 I really admire the work of Gary Petersen. The use of line and the space created is very interesting.   The color usage is so strong and thoughtful. I am very drawn to the above piece  "Slip". I like the fact that drawing is a force in the work that is layered subtlety throughout the pieces.
Please visit to view more of his unique body of work.

Gary Peterson "Splinter"
acrylic on wood panel
30" x 24"

Gary Petersen "Someday"
acrylic & gouache on panel
18" x 14"

Gary Petersen "Surround Sound"
acrylic on panel
20" x 16"

Gary Petersen "Untitled MWS-3"
acrylic, colored pencil & graphite on
image size: 8.25"x4.5", paper
Gary Petersen "Untitled MWS-5"
acrylic, colored pencil & graphite on
image size: 8.25"x4.5", paper

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Radcliffe Bailey: Memory as Medicine @ High Museum of Art

Radcliffe BaileyWindward Coast, 2009-2011Piano keys, plaster bust, and glitter dimensions vary Courtesy of Jack Shainman Gallery, New York
Memory as Medicine is the most comprehensive exhibition of art by Atlanta-based artist Radcliffe Bailey to date. It includes many new works and others never before presented publicly. The exhibition highlights underlining themes in Bailey's work represented by his signature layering of imagery, culturally resonant materials, and text.

Exhibit  runs June 26 - September 11, 2011
 Radcliffe Bailey explores American history and memory to encourage healing and transcendence through art. The exhibition features 37 works ranging from heroic to intimate scale, including installations, paintings, sculptures, mixed media, photos on metal, and works on paper.

All information is from High Museum of Art-Atlanta

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday Selection-Recap

Happy 4th of July! I wanted to celebrate all the artists that have been featured as a SS. Just in case you missed a week here are the selections in order. Please click on artist's name to go to that post. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend! Thanks for reading!

2-20  Laura Fayer

3-6   Tim McFarlane

3-27  Paul Behnke

4-3   David Weir

5-8   Karen Jacobs

5-29  Rose Olson

6-19  Mary Zeran