Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Selection-Margaret Neill

Margaret Neill Simon Gallery Installation View 2008
 These are beautiful sensuous paintings. I have admired Margaret Neill's work for a long time. I love the closeness and intimate feeling that is created with the shapes and colors. Margaret's paintings and drawings are beautifully constructed and thoughtful. Please visit her website to view her expansive body of work.
Have a Happy Easter Sunday!
Margaret Neill "Course" 2007 oil on canvas 36x36

Margaret Neill "Scout" 2010 oil on canvas 36x40

Margaret Neill "Pace" 2008 oil on canvas 60x60

Margaret Neill "Traces Series" 2010 charcoal on paper 22x30

Margaret Neill "Cache" 2009 acrylic on paper 15x15

Margaret Neill "Wink" 2008 oil on canvas 72x56 This painting will be included in a curated show at the American Embassy in Panama in 2011.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Selection-Diane McGregor

Diane McGrgor Installation View at Smink in Dallas "The Mediative Surface"
 When I think of the time I have spent in the Southwest I think of vast horizons, openness, and peace. This Sunday Selection features New Mexico artist Diane McGregor. There is a real meditative minimalist approach to the work that I really love. Diane uses the color white in a soft luminous way. Diane writes about her approach and work on her blog See more of Diane's work  here.
Another Dreamy Sunday~
Diane McGregor "Marava" 48x48 oil on canvas
Diane McGregor "Escalante" 32x32 oil on canvas

Diane McGregor "Sutra" 48x48 oil on canvas

Diane McGregor "Rajin" 24x24 oil on canvas

Saturday, April 16, 2011

West Side Art Walk 4/16/11


1pm Artist Talk (Brett Smith)
1009-A Marietta Street NW  (404) 817-3300 Open 11am to 5pm.
Alex Brewer, Dixie Purvis, and Brett Smith:  Mark Making in Black and White. 

 Poem88 at Tanner-Hill Gallery
4pm New Exhibition and Performance
White Provision Bldg.
1170 Howell Mill Rd., Ste. 111. (404) 580-4299
. Open 11am – 5pm.

1000 Marietta St. NW, Ste. 208  (404) 877-5626 Open 11am – 5pm.
Exhibition: Meta Gary: Animal Instinct.

662 11th St. NW.  (678) 596-4451. Open Noon – 5pm.
Jill Storthz: Woodcuts.

Special Temporary Exhibition
1000 Marietta St. NW Ste 118.  (404) 351-1050. Open 11am – 5pm.
Slanted Aesthetics: A student exhibition presented by Georgia State University’s Art Student Union. 

New Exhibition
1011-A Marietta Street. (404) 892-5477. Open Noon – 5pm.
Danille Roney: On the Edge of Self.

New Exhibition

664 11th St. NW.  (404) 881-0411. Open Noon – 5pm.
Saltworks is pleased to present “Black Drawings” works by Atlanta-based Cuban artist Alejandro Aguilera.

Go to for more information

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Abstract Square Notebook 4/13/11

E Sheppell Blue Stripe Study on Brown

 I think this is a beautiful blue pattern that reminds me of a farm field from above.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Selection-Steven Alexander

I have admired Steven Alexander's paintings for a long time. I am of course drawn to the luminous-mesmerizing color use and the lush tactile quality of the surfaces. Steven writes an informative art journal He covers shows in NYC and his happenings in the studio.
Enjoy this Sunday and see more of Steven's bold work at

Steven Alexander Installation View

Steven Alexander "Is And Was" 2011 24x20 acrylic on linen

Steven Alexander "Brooks Run To The Ocean" 2009 48x36 acrylic on canvas

Steven Alexander "Chromatin" 2009 26x20 acrylic on linen

Steven Alexander Studio View
Steven Alexander Studio View

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Abstract Square Notebook 4/6/11

 This is the second entry for the Abstract Square Notebook project. Like the first entry this was captured at my family farm. Years of wear that tells a story.
A sea of's an expressive find.

E Sheppell Green Study 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Selection-David Weir

David Weir's Studio
David Weir has some strong work. He creates a lot of depth and textures. The intense darkness is beautiful and stirring. There is a real richness and mystery to the work.
Please check out David's blog
He is very prolific and  posts his works on his blog on a regular basis. Enjoy!

David Weir 2011 ink on canvas 120 x 140

David Weir Black  White & Silver 2011 ink and acrylic 120 x 180

David Weir Untitled 2011 ink on canvas 150 x 130
David Weir Untitled 2011 60 x 60 oil on canvas
David Weir Untitled 2011 ink on canvas 90 x 90