Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Selection-Rose Olson

Rose Olson Installation View at Kingston Gallery May 2006
Rose Olson Installation View at Kingston Gallery May 2006

 I have admired Rose Olson's work for a few years. I saw her work in Atlanta at Marcia Wood Gallery in 2007 "Luxe, Calme et Volupte"  which was curated by Joanne Mattera . I love the subtle use of color in conjunction with the wood panel coming through. The contract of the works that punch with vivid color is stunning. There is a serene soft glow that is special. Click here to see a slide show of works from the Kingston Gallery show "The Viewers Eye". Please visit to view more.
Hope your Sunday and long weekend is fabulous~

Rose Olson Installation View at Marcia Wood Gallery 2007 photo credit: Joanne Mattera   

Rose Olson "Crossing the Border into B" 12"x 8.5"acrylic on paper 2005   

Rose Olson "Double Orange" 41"x 26" acrylic on paper 2005

Rose Olson "Balancing Act" 9.5" x 7 " acrylic on paper 2004

Rose Olson "Transparent Cirrus 3" 18" x18" x 3" acrylic on wood 2003

Rose Olson "Open" 42" x  42" acrylic on wood 2005

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Field Guide to Getting Lost @ Pelavin Gallery May 26-Sept 3

Go to for more information about this group show in NYC. Other artists include:
Kate Beck, Jean-Paul Cattin, Tara Fracalossi, Patricia Gaeta, Dima Gavrysh, Karl Klingbiel, Norman Mooney, Timothy Paul Myers, Fiona Robinson, Mark Safan and Cecilla Vissers.

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Work

I have been very busy in the studio these days. I am working with lots of layering and having a great time with color. Most of the new works are large but this is a glimpse of a smaller piece 12"x 9" "Punch".
E Sheppell 2011 "Punch" 12 x 9 acrylic on panel

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Selection-Lisa Pressman

Lisa Pressman Installation View at Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia
Lisa Pressman creates a unique expressive language through her encaustic and oil paintings. I love the mark making Lisa uses and the various layering she applies. I feel like the love of  painting comes through her work.
Please visit her website to see more at 
Lisa also writes a great blog where she posts about shows, other artists, and interviews.
Enjoy your Sunday~
Lisa Pressman "Marking of Time 2" encaustic 24x24

Lisa Pressman "Mark Making in Time 3" encaustic 24x24

Lisa Pressman "Walking The Line" oil on board 36x36
Lisa Pressman "Making Sense" oil and encaustic 24x24

Lisa Pressman "That Crazy Dream" encaustic 20x20

Lisa Pressman "The Plan" encaustic 48x48

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Westside Artwalk May 21st 11am-5pm

All of this information is from the Westside Art District's website:

*11AM – 5PM Open House – New Location*
White Provision residential bldg
1100 Howell Mill Road, Suite A03
Atlanta, Georgia 30318
tel 404.735.1000
11am – 5pm:  open house for the new {Poem88} location
7pm: opening for “Marwencol: photographs from Mark Hogancamp and David Naugle”
8pm: film screening, “Marwencol” (2010) by director Jeff Malmberg
{Poem88} has the distinct pleasure of presenting  Marwencol: photographs from Mark Hogancamp and David Naugle. In 2000, Mark Hogancamp, a resident of a tiny, upstate New York hamlet, was brutally beaten as the result of a bar room brawl.  The victim of a hate crime (Hogancamp is a cross-dresser), he suffered significant brain damage and after completing what government-funded rehabilitation was available, Hogancamp embarked on his own self-prescribed therapy to restore his imagination.  David Naugle, a local photographer, after befriending Hogancamp, was welcomed into the unbelievable story that is Marwencol.

*11AM Artist Talk – Gregor Turk*
1170 Howell Mill Rd., Ste. P-16.  (404) 307-0215. Open 11am – 4pm.
Astolfi Art presents artist Gregor Turk in “Shift”.  This new series will be exhibited at Astolfi Art at White Provisions in Atlanta with an opening reception on May 19, 2011. Turk’s work typically references mapping and place-making and often incorporates elements of institutional markers, signs, symbols, iconography and pictograms. The new series features panels and sculptures that are all pairings of trapezoidal shapes that in turn form a visual portal.

*1PM – 2PM Coffee Flight Tasting.*
664 11th St. NW.  (404) 881-0411. Open Noon – 5pm.
In celebration of the exhibition “Black Drawings” work by Alejandro Aguilera, Saltworks will offer a free tasting of a flight of African coffees.  The artworks on view were created using coffee as an ‘ink’ and medium of artistic expression with forms inspired by African art.  Stop in from 1 to 2 PM to enjoy a free tasting of African bean coffee provided by Octane Coffee and crafted by one of their excellent baristas!

*2PM Gallery Talks*
1000 Marietta St. NW Ste 118.  (404) 351-1050. Open 11am – 5pm.
*Final Day* for Still.Life. which features work by Julie Blackmon, Michael Marshall, Aline Smithson and Maggie Taylor.  Ryan Nabulsi, Director of the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, will be holding an informal discussion about the work and the status of photography in the digital age.
*Opening of Fall Line Books + Discussion*  Fall Line is a project undertaken by photographer and writer Bill Boling to establish a fine art photography press in Atlanta.  Fall Line has many projects scheduled for the rest of 2011 and for the future.  Bill and other artists and writers involved will hold a talk following Ryan’s talk to give a peak into what Fall Line has planned.

*Event 5PM – 8PM*
535 Means Street NW (404) 688-1970 Open 11 am – 5 pm
Members, Free; General admission, $5; Students/Seniors, $3;
Kids under 12, Free
*Event: Open Studios.  
The 14 participants in our Studio Artist Program open their spaces to share recent works and talk with the public about their ideas and interests. Plus music, snacks, cash bar. General admission $5, Members $3.
On view: Jessica Jackson Hutchins: The Important Thing About A Chair, and John Heward: Things
Two exhibitions that combine expressive gestures, sensual materials, and space-altering invention. Works by Jessica Jackson Hutchins bring together glazed ceramic vessels nestled into altered furniture, and mixed media works on paper combining printmaking, collage, and drawing/writing. Hutchins was an acclaimed participant in the 2010 Whitney Biennial. John Heward is one of Canada’s most respected artists, and his formal investigations into the possibilities of painting and sculpture are well known in that country. He is also an internationally known jazz drummer. This is the first major presentation of his work in the United States.


*Opening Reception 7PM-11PM*
662 11th St. NW.  (678) 596-4451. Open Noon – 5pm.
On view will be the exhibition, Gone With the Twins by Atlanta based street art duo, Paper Twins. This is their first exhibition with Get This!  An opening reception for the artists will be held from 7 to 11PM.


EMILY AMY GALLERY—*New Exhibition*
Open 11am – 5pm
1000 Marietta Street, Suite 208 Open 11am – 5pm
May 6 – June 18, 2011
Growing up in Rensselear County in upstate New York would eventually have a profound influence on Michael Abrams’ artistic career, although he was not aware of it then.  The views out his childhood bedroom window of the Hudson River Valley became deeply engrained in his subconscious and have since become the predominant subject of his work.  The landscapes are loosely based on these Hudson River Valley vistas he remembers but are also partially fabricated in his imagination.  The combination makes for atmospheric, luminescent and ethereal paintings created from layering glazes from semi-transparent to opaque.  The result is a beautifully rendered edenic nature of Abrams’ own personal invention.

1011-A Marietta Street. (404) 892-5477. Open Noon – 5pm.
Danille Roney: On the Edge of Self. In collaboration with Jeff Conefry and contributions from Penny Aviles. Roney’s newest multimedia project deftly sets the stage of a poignant moment in time, a choice, “to stay or to leave”. Circumstances are deconstructed through a series of parallel, bifurcating movements in which randomization software plays a key role, allowing a third and final author to participate, beyond the artist’s creation. Roney explores the psychological space “ in between”, where hybrid identity is crystallized and personal and social identities are transformed by multicultural and virtual influences in a real-time world.

1000 Marietta St. NW. (404) 815-9886. Open 10am to 10pm.
Group exhibition pop-up show!

1009-A Marietta Street NW  (404) 817-3300 Open 12pm to 5pm.
Linda Armstrong and Donna Mintz will show together May 20-June 25, 2011. Reception, May 24, 2011, 7-9pm.
In Linda Armstrong’s new body of work, “Mycological Meanderings,” The artist uses topical contour drawings as an aesthetic terrain with narrative marks alluding to her movements through the landscape. Sculptural, fantastical, colored fungi pieces simulate movements of mycorrhiza (a symbiotic association between a fungus and the roots of a vascular plant) growth.
Donna Mintz will present four monochrome paintings titled, “Gray Paintings.”  Mintz’s Labor intensive and process oriented large scale oils with collage represent a further

Ants and Grasshoppers, 7-10PM  at 364 Nelson Street in Castleberry Hill

The Westside Art Walk is a presentation of the Westside Arts District and occurs on the third Saturday of every month from 11am to 5pm, unless otherwise noted.  This art-centric event is intended to encourage public interaction and education of visual art in the emerging art district in Atlanta’s Westside neighborhood.  There is plenty of free parking at each venue.  Information can be found on the group's website

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Selection-Diane Ayott

Diane Ayott "Essex" 2010 mixed media on panel 16x16

Diane Ayott "Looks Like" 2010  mixed media on paper 22x21
  The work of Diane Ayott is impressive. The detail and layering in her pieces are amazing. I love the intensity and playfulness of color she creates. They are complex and beautifully crafted paintings. Please visit Diane's website to see more There are many more that will keep you looking.
Happy Sunday~

Diane Ayott "Rosy Circle" 2008 acrylic on panel 2008

Diane Ayott "Numerous" 2008 acrylic on panel 20x30

Diane Ayott "Floater" 2008 acrylic on panel 12x12

Diane Ayott "Scope" 2008 acrylic on panel 12x12

Diane Ayott "Captive" 2010 mixed media on paper 20x30

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mark Making in Black and White @ Sandler Hudson Gallery

I am a bit late posting this show. It comes down next week. Check out more about the artists at

Alex Brewer (2 larger paintings) Brett Smith (paper framed)

Dixie Purvis

Alex Brewer

Brett Smith

Brett Smith

Dixie Purvis

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunday Selection-Karen Jacobs

My Sunday Selection is painter Karen Jacobs. I met Karen in Memphis a few years ago. We both were represented by a gallery there. I stopped in Alabama at her home/studio as well. I enjoyed seeing her large studio space and her beautiful home. Karen is an incredibly nice woman who has a successful art career.
See her prolific portfolio of work at
Karen Jacobs "Partition" 24 x60 2010
I wanted to feature someone today who has balanced it all.  I am inspired by Karen's pursuits and accomplishments as an artist, wife, and mother. It's not easy just doing one of these things, and I celebrate someone who has kept a thriving art career and family life mixed in. It's a wonderful thing. Happy Mother's Day to all of you who do the same!
Karen Jacobs "Space" 26x26 2011

Karen Jacobs "Rube" 20x30 2011

Karen Jacobs "Tuxedo" 40x30 2010

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Selection-Lynette Haggard

 Lynette Haggard creates these lovely bold sculptural chunks of color out of beeswax, resin, and pigment. They are such eye candy to me. They have a richness and playful quality I love. Wax is such a fun medium and Lynette really showcases the sculptural tendency wax lends itself to. Please check out more of Lynette's work here. Lynette writes a great blog where she interviews and features other artists. Enjoy your Sunday~

Lynette Haggard studio view 2010