Thursday, September 17, 2009

Gone West

I took a trip out west to LA and a little vacation in San Diego with a girlfriend to check out galleries and see what's happening. I was happy to be there when a lot of openings were going on. It was nice to check it all out and get a feeling of the scene there. LA has so much going on that I could have stayed much longer to investigate. I have felt my color sense would be a great fit there. I am hoping that I have made some good contacts and see where it may go. I love the fact that the weather is so amazing, it can only help people get out and go gallery gazing. I was very impressed with the turn out for so many shows. I was also happy to have such a good friendly experience. The west coast is laid back and happier I guess. Below are a few shots I took at some galleries before the openings started. The first one is at William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica at Bergamot Station. It is work by Eric Johnson. Bergamot houses a complex of galleries. This was a great many galleries at one place and easy to get to and from. There were many galleries in here I enjoyed.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eric Johnson at William Turner

I was lucky to get a chance to see these beautiful structures in person. Please click on this link:
Eric Johnson to see more. Eric creates composite works of pigment, wood and resin. These abstract works merge the passion for depth and structure with an obsession for color and surface. Being a part of the California hot rod culture in the past, he has incorporated industrial products and automotive knowledge into his art making. (this was part of his statement on William Turner's site) Here are a few shots of the show. I will be posting more to come in the next few days of more amazing work.