Thursday, February 2, 2012

"Surfaces" @ Sandler Hudson Gallery

Okay I have been taking a break from the studio and blog since my show went up. It's been an intense past year and having some moments to relax  has been nice. Here are a few shots of the show. I have more work posted on my website. It feels good to have the work up on some clean white walls. The shows runs through Feb 25th at Sandler Hudson Gallery. Click on the titles to see larger pictures.

Surfaces Statement

This recent work body of work is an exploration of structures and layering. Pushing the paintings further and finding new shapes and surfaces has been an exciting avenue that I plan to continue with. I have loosely named the smaller groupings “The Fat Series”. There is a bold and raw quality behind these pieces. I work intuitively to create all my paintings. They are a reflection of the energy and state of mind when created. I want the tactile seduction of paint that inspires me to come through to the viewer.

E Sheppell Fat Wall

E Sheppell Fat Series No.9

E Sheppell Fat Series No.13

E Sheppell Fat Series No.12

E Shepppell Juicy 24x24

E Sheppell Juicy Close up

E Sheppell Clouded, Mystic, Golden Fade, Stone 6x6 each

E Sheppell Fat Wall

E Sheppell Fat Series No.11

E Sheppell "This Fire & Yellow Silk"

E Sheppell For The Love of Indy , Carnival, Fat Series No.14

E Sheppell Fat Series No.6

E Sheppell Fat Series No.5

E Sheppell 12x12 Fat Series No.14

Zak and Liz
I spent last weekend cleaning my studio and I am still not done. These small pieces created quite a mess and they required the most paint I have ever used. I am looking forward in starting some new work to continue the fat.

Surfaces Aftermath 2012


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