Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whole Lotta PINK!

Whole Lotta is a new soon to be frequent post giving homage to the LOVE of colorI aim to feature works that bring these rich colors to the forefront. Pink has been in my studio lately more than ever. It's like an old friend I should have never forgotten about. As a young girl this color meant something very different. I am now drawn to it's lush boldness and quirky power it can possess. Please click on the artist's name for more information.
Enjoy these wonderful finds.

Joanne Mattera Silk Road 100 2008 Encaustic on panel 12 x 12 inches

Brett Baker "Double" 2005 oil on canvas 17x18

Heidi Pollard "Tiptoe"2010oil on canvas8 x 10 inches

Susanna Starr "Folding Over"2002synthetic sponge and acrylic paint71"h x 20"w x 20"d

Elizabeth Cowhig 46 Full Circle Series Resin & Mixed Media on panel 6x6 2005

Sabine Tress Bag Me acrylic on canvas

Catherine Carter "Pulse 4" 2009, 20x20 acrylic on paper and canvas

Rebecca Roberts sewn cotton fabric

Don Voisine Flare 20x20 oil on wood

Bridget Fahy Lost In The Harbour Series 10cm x 10cm acrylic on paper

John Tallman 18x18 acrylic on wood

Susan Carr

Gary Komarin Big Pink No.14 84 x 66

Vincent Hawkins

Janice Caswell Baden-Baden By The Sea  2003, collage on paper 19x24

Louise P. Sloane DR12006Acrylic Polymers and Paint on Wood Panel30" x 24" x 1" Minimalist inspired painting with objectified writing as surface texture

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  1. What fabulous collection of works from an interesting range of artists!
    A treat for Monday morning!
    thank you Elizabeth!

  2. Love seeing this post Elizabeth--and the many ways people have taken on pink! After years of very deliberate avoidance of a whole drawer full of pigments, I too have explored the delights of pink in all its deliciousness. Looking forward to the Whole Lotta series!

  3. That was wonderful!!!! And pink is such a lush color.

  4. Thanks for this post, Elizabeth. It's wonderful to see how a curatorial eye brings together diverse works. I'm pleased to be included.

  5. Elizabeth, this is an excellent feature you've put together! Pink is so lush and delicious, and these works inspire me to explore pink more fully.
    I look forward to more of your Whole Lotta posts.

  6. Thank you all for such kind words. I am delighted in the response and so excited about the upcoming Whole Lotta posts. I am really enjoying bringing together works that I so admire and are diverse.
    Thank you!


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