Friday, June 4, 2010

John Belingheri at Sandler Hudson May 21 - July 3

Check out these beautifully layered paintings at Sandler Hudson Gallery . I love the depth and lushness of the work.

Bay Area artist John Belingheri explores repetition of form in his mixed media and oil paintings in his show entitled, New Work at Sandler Hudson Gallery. Each painting features an intently mapped array of ellipses that guide the viewer's eye around the canvas. These shapes bump up against each other creating visual vibration. By simplifying shape to one ovoid form, Belingheri has allowed color and texture to take the main stage. He sands and paints rigorously to create the texture which he finishes with a wax rub, emphasizing the velvety hues of the oils and exhibiting his mastery of surface. The surfaces of Belingheri's paintings look as if they were found in nature and are impermanent and open to change. He shows signs of past histories and archaeologies that are continuously revealed and covered with tenacious layers and patterns.(text source: Sandler Hudson 


  1. Hi Elizabeth...good to find your blog...this is an artist I have found before and really liked.
    Must browse your blog when its not so the look of your work... sorry I'm skimming past now!


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