Saturday, March 26, 2011

Studio & Progress

I am working on a lot of new pieces and my studio is chaos. I will never be a "clean" artist. It's just not in me. Here are a few views and new pieces in the works. I am focusing on med-large works these days. I have no deadlines right now which gives me more freedom and ease to create. I am working in a fury through some pieces and taking my time with others. I am feeling like the work is  headed to a really interesting place. It's moving more emotional and energized. I am having fun exploring new directions.
E Sheppell Studio Madness 2011
E Sheppell work in progress 36x36
E Sheppell 36x24 work in progress

E Sheppell detail of above painting in progress

E Sheppell close up of work in progress


  1. I am not a clean artist either. There are always little strips of acetate everywhere. I like it that way. I'm able to see better if things are chaotic!! I loved what you said about taking your time!

  2. Mary,
    I feel the same way. I try to organize and it never stays that way and I seem to have that comfort of chaos! Happy Sunday!

  3. Nice blog and Great work! love your usage of colors.

  4. Narayan,
    Thank you for the kind words! Thanks for reading.

  5. Your studio looks very clean compared to my studio. I love your paintings


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