Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday Selection-Patricia Spergel

Patricia Spergel "Window Seat" 30x30 2008 oil on canvas
 Patricia Spergel's paintings have such a fluid ease to them. I love the softness and overlay of color that is achieved. The depth and openness is really beautiful.  They are on a smaller scale which I like,  but I would love to see these really large taking over a wall.  They have a fun playful quality that I am drawn to.  Please visit Patricia's website to see more of her lovely work.

Patricia Spergel "Closer II" 2010 20x20 oil on canvas

Patricia Spergel "Milkweed" 20x20 2010 oil on canvas

Patricia Spergel "Right Through" 20x20 2010 oil on canvas 

Patricia Spergel "Untitled 12" 2010 20x20 oil on canvas


  1. I just cruised by Patricia's website and her color palette is divine. Maybe even luscious. Nice post gal!

  2. Thanks Mary-I love her color palette as well. They are beautiful.

  3. Hmmm, painters I feel an affinity with are few & far between but this...this is lovely!


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