Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Selection-Tamar Zinn

Tamar Zinn "Fermata 5", 2011  10 x 10" . oil on wood panel

Tamar Zinn "Broadway 65", 2011 16 x 16" . oil on wood panel

I really love the subtle and bold use of color in Tamar Zinn's paintings. The use of sharp edges in contrast of the soft layering is quite beautiful. The transparencies throughout Tamar's work is really lovely. I am so drawn to the push and pull achieved. Please visit Tamar's website to view more of her paintings.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Tamar "Zinn Broadway 54", 2010  16 x 16"  oil on panel

Tamar Zinn "Broadway 50", 2010  16 x 16"  oil on panel

Tamar Zinn "Fermata 3"  10 x 10"  oil on wood panel


  1. Tamar is a fb friend and posted a link to this post. I like your blog and your work & signed up for RSS feed. I appreciate that you are sharing information on artists that you admire.

  2. Great work by Tamar Zinn.
    I really like the color combination and composition. Thanks Elizabeth!

  3. Metro Frame: Thanks so much for checking out my blog and commenting! welcome;)

    Ralf- Thanks!


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