Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Selection-Pamela Farrell

 Pamela Farrell 2010 "Proof" oil on mulberry paper
Pamela Farrell's pieces are beautiful. Pamela works in various medias (oil, encaustic, digital photography) and they all  relate to each other so well. The softness she captures is really lovely. The showering layers of color give the works such depth. View her portfolio on her website. Also check out Pamela's blog . She has curated online shows on her blog such as "Pink" and "Seeing Red". She is represented by Ruth Morpeth Gallery. 
Another dreamy Sunday!

Pamela Farrell  2010 "Waterfall Orange" oil on mulberry paper
Pamela Farrell 2011 Chambers Series Digital photography
Pamela Farrell 2010 "Soft Parade Red" oil on panel

Pam Farrell 2010 "Remotion Yellow" oil on paper


  1. I love Pam's work! Her paintings have a soft rawness that resonates with me.


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