Monday, March 7, 2011

More Stop And Go

This is another piece I just completed. It had been put away over a year ago and now has a new life. This has had many- many layers and is transformed into a very fiery piece.

E Sheppell 2011 "Right In Between Two" 24x36 acrylic on panel


  1. I feel like I'm looking at myself in colour

    Nice Painting

  2. I keep running across fellow artists who are re-visiting prior work, only to successfully complete it and post about it. I love that! It is reassuring to know we all(?) are prone to this.
    "Right in Between Two" is beautiful painting, Elizabeth. Such energy in those colors!

  3. David-I love your comment. We have a very similar language! thanks

    Stephanie-It is funny how so many artists re-visit work and we have the same tendencies. It nice to have a community of bloggers to share. Thanks for your kind comments as always!


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