Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Selection-Paul Behnke

Paul Behnke has some bold playful works that are quite special. I really like the underlying colors that pop through. He is from Memphis now living in NY. I have admired his work for awhile. I am enjoying the freshness of the work. Check out more of Paul's paintings at
Paul has an upcoming show at the The Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia in 2012.
Paul Behnke "Gun Metal/Black Square 2011 acrylic on paper 11.5"x12"

Paul Behnke "Big Narcissus" 2011 60"x120" Diptych

Paul Behnke "Black Pole/Periwinkle" 2011 acrylic on paper 12"x11.5"

Paul Behnke "Scylla Charybdis" 2011 acrylic on canvas 24"x24"
Paul Behnke "Snubbie" 2010 acrylic on canvas "42x42"

Paul Behnke's Studio view


  1. Hey Elizabeth-
    Thanks for the plug.
    I'm really enjoying your works in progress from a couple of posts ago.
    Looking forward to seeing them when they are finished!

  2. Hi Paul,
    Paintings are looking great.Love the color as always,


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